Guildcraft started in 1951 as a division of another company making, among other things, piece parts from rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) for the furniture industry. From that, Guildcraft has evolved into what we are today.

We are a full service upholstered living room furniture manufacturer of a not “new,” but innovative furniture design. Frames made of EPS give Guildcraft furniture the lightweight and strength qualities not available with other construction techniques. Using this type of frame construction not only is eco-friendly by saving our forests, they are lighter in weight. Our typical sofa weighs about 65 lbs.

As a packaging supplier; we offer molded, die cut, and specialized cut styrene and urethane pieces. We have EPS “peanuts” as well as ground for another option. Even our urethane is ground for pillow filler so as not to have it land in the landfill.

For those on a budget, we can refill and restuff your existing cushions with the appropriate density of urethane foam. We can even do that to your hot tub cover by using our EPS.

Our newest venture is that of “Cake Dummies”. We have taken our EPS and manufactured patterns in the shapes of cake pans. With the popularity of the Food Network Channel, the boom in the pastry arts has exploded. Finding this niche has proven to be both a beneficial but creative venture.

We have remained a relatively small company, which makes our main focus customer oriented. We have done many “special ordered” items in almost everything we manufacture. There have been changes over the years starting in 1976 with the company becoming an independent company. In the 1980’s, the Dephtereos family became the sole owners followed by a generational change in the late nineties.